Code Generator, Quick resources configurator and Eclipse development environment for SPC5 MCUs

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  • SPC5Studio is built-on Eclipse Plug-in Development Environment (PDE), a market standard extensible and fully customizable environment, enabling users to define new components and third parties to develop new plug-ins. SPC5Studio generated code is ANSI C compliant and MISRA 2012 standard quality fully compliant.

    SPC5Studio v.5 provides a completely new look and feel comprehensive framework to design, build and deploy Embedded Applications for SPC5 Power Architecture 32-bit Microcontrollers. With the new User Interface creating application is easier and more intuitive.
    Download (for free) SPC5Studio from ST web site. Release Note is available on the SPC5Studio web page. New minor versions will be delivered through auto update notifications. Increase functionalities is possible through the Market Place which has been populated with new installable components providing high flexibility and great customization.
    You can build embedded software for SPC5 MCU's by selecting the target MCU's, define the status of its resources by the Graphical User Interface and combining pre-defined software components.The application wizard module allows the users to resolve dependencies automatically and it gets "syntax error free" projects creation at first run.
    For any question and contribution become member of SPC5Studio community on ST WEB.

    Key Features

    • OpenSource Integrated Development Environment (IDE) based on ECLIPSE with a completely new look and feel.
    • Code, Makefiles, ELF, and Doc Generation based on a template structure and XML technologies easy exportable to other development environment.
    • Full MISRA 2012 compliant Register Level Access (RLA) low level drivers.
    • MISRA 2012 checking for customer code.
    • Visual and easy to use MCU's Pins configuration perfectly aligned with the reference manual.
    • Visual MCU run modes and full clock tree configuration with automatic constraints checking.
    • Open source RTOS: FreeRTOS.
    • Software Examples for Discovery kits and premium evaluation boards covering most used peripherals.
    • Direct access to PLS debugging UDE starter kit version software.
    • Updates managed through an eclipse standard dedicated market place.
    • Free License GCC GNU C Compiler component provided throught market place.
    • Full GHS (Green Hills Software) compiler toolchain integration.
    • Professional GNU "C" Compiler available from HighTec EDV-System (licensed).

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Development Tools

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      PLS JTAG debugger software full license or license renewal

      SPC5-UDESTK Debugging Software for Windows

Embedded Software

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      AutoDevKit library plugin for SPC5-STUDIO

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      SPC5-STUDIO for 32-bit Power Architecture® MCU’s
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      SPC5-STUDIO for 32-bit Power Architecture® MCU’s

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      Windriver support on SPC5Studio
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      Windriver support on SPC5Studio

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      SPC5Studio release notes 1.0
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      SPC5Studio release notes


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      Software license agreement
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      Software license agreement

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