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Human presence detection is an increasingly important and sometimes mandatory requirement in a growing number of applications. From computer peripherals, consumer electronics, and home appliances to systems for building access management, healthcare, and security, today's applications must be able to provide seamless user interaction with systems and associated services.

A major challenge for sensors today is to develop intelligent solutions that can detect both stationary and moving objects, while consuming as little power as possible to support sustainable designs.

ST is about to revolutionize the presence detection industry with an infrared sensor based on thermal MOSFET technology.

Use cases and applications

Better occupancy detection

Expand your industrial and home security system coverage with indoor infrared sensors capable of detecting moving and stationary objects.

Smarter lighting

Add smart home functionality to any existing light. Combine occupancy and ambient light detection to automate lighting actuation without your command and minimize energy consumption.

Wider functionality

Our IR sensors with embedded temperature sensors support climate control functionality without the need for an extra sensor.

Meet our latest infrared (IR) sensor

ST infrared sensors based on thermal MOSFET (TMOS) technology can detect human and object presence and movement with high accuracy and ultralow power consumption, with a direct digital interface.

TMOS is based on thermally isolated CMOS technology and ST MEMS technology ensures higher sensitivity to IR radiation.

When should you use an IR sensor?

The STHS34PF80 is an uncooled, factory-calibrated, IR sensor capable of proximity and presence detection up to 4 meters without a lens for objects measuring 70 x 25 cm². It can detect stationary and moving objects, and a Fresnel lens can easily be applied to increase the detection distance and the field of view.

The STHS34PF80 sensor has been designed to accurately sense the amount of IR radiation emitted from an object within its field of view (80°). The information is digitally processed by the ASIC, which can run a smart, in-the-edge algorithm for stationary and moving presence detection and overtemperature conditions.

On-demand webinar | The key to smart occupancy detection

Watch our one-hour webinar to discover our latest infrared (IR) sensor with high-sensitivity infrared presence and motion detection capabilities. The calibrated, uncooled sensor can detect objects up to 4 meters away without a lens.

  • Overview of an occupancy detection application: sustainable and human-centered
  • Explanation of infrared sensors within the edge processing in your everyday life
  • Discovery of available tools, libraries, and software

Discover the Infrared presence detection (InfraredPD) software library

This software is a middleware library component of the X-CUBE-MEMS1 package and runs on STM32 Open Development Environment (ODE). It provides:

  • real-time data about the presence and the motion of a person in the field of view of the sensor
  • compensation for the object temperature data with respect to ambient temperature data changes


How to get started with STHS34PF80?

The STEVAL-MKI109V3 professional MEMS board lets you monitor the sensor behavior with adapters
  1. Get the STHS34PF80 adapter:
  2. Download the software:
The STM32 Open Development Environment offers an open, flexible, and easy way to develop MEMS-based applications by combining STM32 microcontrollers with MEMS sensors and STHS34PF80 adapter via expansion boards. A ready-to-use library for temperature compensation and presence detection is available:
  1. STM32 Open Development Environment (ODE):
  2. Download the software


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