Sense and Connect

Sense and Connect

Increasingly distributed smart sensing nodes are sensing our environment, processing the implications with sensor fusion or beam forming algorithms and communicating results to the cloud or a central control system.


Need to sense movement, pressure, the environment, direction, distance or a sound? ST has a sensor solution to meet your needs.


Bluetooth LE, Bluetooth 5, Bluetooth Mesh – how to meet all the latest standards? ST has the answers.

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Houston, SensorTile Solves Your Problem

The IEEE International Sensors and Measurement Systems Student Council hosted a series of 3 design contests globally (all sponsored by ST) over the past several months. The most recent contest concluded at the meeting of the IEEE Instrumentation and Measurement Society (IMS), which helped organize the contests, in Houston, TX.

ST’s BlueCoin – A complete Bluetooth Smart development system in a tiny package

Check out ST’s BlueCoin, a Bluetooth Smart development system that integrates low-power and high-performance 9-axis inertial and environmental sensors and a cluster of 4 digital MEMS microphones that are coupled with a powerful STM32F4 MCU.

The 3 Success Stories of our Longest Ranging Time-of-Flight Sensor

The VL53L1X is our longest ranging Time of Flight (ToF) sensor with a reach of up to four meters (about 13 feet). Despite doubling the range of the VL53L0X, the newer part is still a tiny module.

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One SoC to Make Your Bluetooth 5 Design More Efficient and Secure

As the world raves about Bluetooth mesh, the IoT solution connecting thousands of small devices together, one thing becomes apparent: those that invested in ST’s Bluetooth SoC are part of the “lucky few” that can already transition to the new standard with just a simple firmware update. 

Making Bluetooth mesh Easy, Scalable, And User Friendly

STSW-BNRG-Mesh is our first software pack enabling developers to create Bluetooth mesh solutions. It works in conjunction with the BlueNRG-Mesh apps for iOS and Android, which is highly symbolic since it’s the first time someone ports Bluetooth mesh libraries to these operating systems.

STSW-BNRG-S2LP: The Software to Marry Bluetooth and SigFox for IoT

The union of a SoC dedicated to Bluetooth Low Energy (LE or BLE) and a sub-gigahertz transceiver has proven to be a match made in IoT heaven, thanks to the STSW-BNRG-S2LP software pack.

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Explore the New VL53L1X long-distance ranging Time-of-Flight sensor

Experience the cutting-edge performance of the newest Time-of-Flight long distance ranging sensor based on ST’s FlightSense™ technology.

Jump-start your next IoT design with the SensorTile, our tiny Bluetooth multi-sensor development module

Learn how to jumpstart your next IoT design with the Miniature Multi-Sensor Module and development kit from STMicroelectronics.

From Hardware to Applications, Learn how to use ST’s latest MEMS accelerometers for emerging applications

This webinar delves into best practice on how to use ST’s latest accelerometers.

1-hour webinar on how to build secure Bluetooth mesh networks with the new BlueNRG-Mesh SDK

In this webinar you will learn about STMicroelectronics' complete software solution for its range of Bluetooth® Low Energy radio transceivers.