StellarLINK in-circuit debugger/programmer for Stellar and SPC5 automotive microcontrollers


A cost-effective, passive USB-to-JTAG debugger and programmer dongle

StellarLINK is the STMicroelectronics programmer for automotive MCUs, supporting the whole family of Stellar MCUs, SR5 and SR6, as well as the traditional SPC5 microcontrollers


Key features of StellarLINK

  • USB/JTAG debugger dongle for STMicroelectronics automotive MCU
  • USB connector for supply and data communication
  • Enable application run and debug on Stellar and SPC5x devices
  • Compliant with IEEE 1149.1 JTAG protocol
  • Integrates serial port connection via USB interface (virtual COM)
  • Provides NVM programming (erase/program/verify)


Application examples

 Automotive Motor control Automotive Motor control
 Body and convenience Body and convenience
 Chassis and safety Chassis and safety
 EV / powertrain for ICE EV / powertrain for ICE
 In-vehicle infotainment In-vehicle infotainment
 Mobility services Mobility services
 Telematics and networking Telematics and networking


Recommended resources

Code Generator, Quick resources configurator and Eclipse development environment for SPC5 MCUs

How to use the StellarLINK