Optimize energy use and reliability with digital power monitor

TSC1641 high-precision current, voltage, power, and temperature monitoring analog front-end (AFE)


Digital power monitor with MIPI I3C and I²C interface for transmitting system data to a microcontroller

The TSC1641 transmits critical power system parameters such as current, voltage, power, and temperature to a microcontroller and can alert undesirable operating conditions.

Its flexible digital bus interface, offering 1-MHz I²C/SMbus and 12.5-MHz MIPI I3C data rates, ensure connectivity with even the most recent microcontrollers, such as the STM32H5 series.

With integrated high-resolution ADCs up to 16 bits, the device can be implemented in low- and high-side current topologies, as well as for bidirectional current monitoring.

Packaged in a small 3 x 3 mm footprint (DFN10), the TSC1641 can sense voltages up to 60 V, while consuming ultralow input bias and shutdown currents. 

Key features

  • Small footprint
  • Wide range of possible alerts
  • New MIPI I3C communication
  • Internal die temperature monitoring
  • Ultralow shutdown current
  • STM32H5 interface
  • Combines advantages of I²C and SPI
  • Backward compatibility with I²C
  • I3C I/Os combine open drain and push-pull

Application examples


Garden tools and robots


Personal care and hygiene


Small electric vehicles


Energy generation


Smart home


Solid state drive (SSD) enterprise

Recommended resources

Smart power sensing: Skateboard demo with the TSC1641 digital power monitor

Smart power sensing: Skateboard demo with the TSC1641 digital power monitor

Do you need precision monitoring of your power supply unit and alerts when your battery packs operate outside safe current, voltage, power, and temperature ranges? The new generation TSC1641 digital power monitors enable exactly these functions! 


Evaluation board for the 16-bit, high precision TSC1641 current and power monitor with MIPI I3C/I2C interface

This board can measure voltages up to 60 V, load currents up to 10 A, power delivery, and temperature using the TSC1641 dual channel power monitor.


On-demand webinar: Efficient design with ST signal conditioning products and tools

Introducing the TSC1641 digital current sense. This device offers comprehensive digital power monitoring with highly precise measurements of current, voltage, power, and temperature for loads up to 60 V. It supports bidirectional current sensing and offers high-side and low-side current sensing. 

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