Very high precision, dual operational amplifier


High-accuracy, medium-voltage op amps for industrial and automotive sensor signal conditioning

The TSB182 dual, low-power-consumption op amp can operate over an extended supply voltage operating range from 4 to 36 V and features rail-to-rail output. With a maximum offset voltage of 20 µV, this op amp offers an excellent speed/power consumption ratio with a gain bandwidth product of 3 MHz, while consuming 650 µA over a large supply voltage range.

Its wide operating temperature range from -40°C to 125°C makes this device ideal for industrial and automotive applications with the associated qualification. 

Key features

  • Very low offset voltage: 20 µV max. @ 25°C
  • Rail-to-rail output
  • Wide supply voltage: 4 to 36 V
  • Gain bandwidth product: 3 MHz
  • Low noise: 24 nV/√Hz
  • Extended temperature range: -40°C to 125°C

Application examples






Power supplies

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