Evaluation software with graphical user interface for STSPIN motor driver ICs

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Product overview


The SPINFamily evaluation tool is Windows based software whose purpose is to control STSPIN family devices. It requires the Microsoft .NET2 Framework. It can control the STEVAL-PCC009V2 interface board, EVAL64xxH-DISC or STM32 Nucleo boards.
A command section allows controlling the stepper or brush DC motor.
Device configuration can be done through a registry editor, a user-friendly configuration panel or a wizard.
The wizard contains predefined configuration for existing demonstration boards and allows easily configuring the devices.
Configurations can be stored and loaded.
A script editor allows controlling each aspect of the device using the Python language.
  • All features

    • Compatible with STSPIN devices
    • Manages STEVAL-PCC009V2 interface boards, EVAL64xxH-DISC and STM32 Nucleo boards
    • Supports daisy chaining.
    • Stepper and brush DC motor
    • Wizard to easily configure devices
    • Registry viewer
    • Scripting using Python
    • Configuration management

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