Graphical user interface for the STEVAL-ISB042V1 evaluation board based on STWLC33

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Product overview


The STSW-ISB042GUI allows user-friendly communication with the STWLC33 device both in receiver and in transmitter modes. It provides access to all user registers and allows reading of the ADC measurement results and measured frequencies (at ping and actual operating frequency), defining the parameters for Qi and PMA modes independently.
The GUI is also able to configure the GPIO pin usage, allows downloading the transmitter firmware into the RAM, running the device as a transmitter and updating NVM content.
  • All features

    • Graphical user interface application for the STWLC33 device for Windows OS
    • Access to all user registers
    • ADC measurement readings
    • Frequencies readings
    • GPIO pin configuration
    • Qi mode configuration
    • PMA mode configuration
    • Tx firmware download to RAM
    • Access to all user registers in Tx mode
    • NVM updating

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