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Sensor and microcontroller resources for developing devices that make homes smarter, secure, and more eco-friendly


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STMicroelectronics is pleased to be partnering with Resideo for this design contest focused on using sensor technology to create an innovative home IoT device. As a key sponsor of this event, ST will offer evaluation boards with embedded sensors and microcontrollers to the teams who qualify for phase 2.

ST is an industry leader in both microcontroller and sensor technology, making us ideal as a one-stop resource for engineers looking to develop devices that make everyday things smarter, more connected, and aware of their surroundings.

Our broad portfolio of powerful microcontrollers and wide range of MEMS motion & environmental sensors, combined with a comprehensive software & hardware development ecosystem enable designers to quickly develop proofs-of-concept and turn their ideas into reality!

Selected resources

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Bob Fryer
US account manager for Resideo at ST
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Christophe Loiodice
Global account manager for Resideo at ST
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