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Outdoor real-time monitoring

With the internationalization of supply chain flows, assets in containers and pallets are moved worldwide for long periods of time before reaching their final destination. An increasing number of real-time, low-power smart trackers with an extended battery life are now being implemented to locate assets' position inside warehouses, logistics hubs, and during the transport process.

Our products and solutions

To enable the development of ultra-low-power tracking solutions for pallets and containers, ST offers humidity and pressure sensors, inertial measurement units (accelerometers, gyroscopes and magnetometers), and proximity sensors. Our portfolio also includes low-power wireless connectivity solutions such as Bluetooth Low Energy and NFC for short range connectivity, UHF readers, and Low-Power Wide Area Network (LPWAN) LoRa and Sigfox solutions, as well as easy-to-use components for GNSS positioning receivers, low-power microcontrollers, EEPROM memories and high-efficiency power management ICs.