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Computer peripherals are hardware devices that attach to a computer and provide input, output, storage, or communication facilities. Typical input devices include computer mice, keyboards, graphics tablets, image scanners, game controllers, microphones, webcams, etc. The most common output devices are computer monitors, projectors, printers, and computer speakers. For storage today's computers typically use rotating media such as disk drives, as well as solid state media such as USB flash drives and memory cards.

Hard disk drive

Hard Disk Drives (HDDs), which use magnetic storage techniques, have been the dominant mass data storage device for computers since the early 1960s and still are for servers today. For data centers, the primary advantages of HDDs and key selection cr
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On today’s computers, keyboards connect with the host most often via a wireless connection and offer a growing number of alternative text-input methods – including microphones – in addition to the classical key matrix. We have a range of wireless con
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A computer mouse is very often connected wirelessly – as an alternative to the classical USB cable – to the host and thus it needs to be battery operated with all the associated challenges in terms of battery duration. We have a range of wireless con
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Today, there are two predominant types of printers; laser printers which use a powdered ink (toner) and inkjet printers, which are generally less expensive and use liquid ink. For over two decades, ST has been selling ASIC solutions for home and offi
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Advanced connectivity and power management

The high performances, low power, state of the art products offered by ST allows to implement competitive and top performance system solutions with particular attention to power consumption and advanced key feature. Products offered ranges from high efficiency DC-DC power conversion, to wide range of MCU for design flexibility, protections and wireless connectivity solutions.