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60 GHz contactless

Unlicensed 60 GHz RF millimeter-wave V band opens new opportunities for short-range contactless connectivity in terms of very low-power but relatively high multi-Gigabit data rates, contactless point-to-point, and ultra-low latency connections for cable-free and connector-free solutions.

Challenges: evolution Industry 4.0

  • Industrial environments with high concentrations of particles or corrosive agents, heat, and vibrations from low to ultrasound frequencies can damage and degrade common connectors.
  • Physical cables can the limit the movement and articulation of machinery and equipment in applications that are far better serviced by contactless communication.

ST solutions

ST provides solutions for electronic systems operating in industrial environments and other scenarios where wired connections limit movement or are subject to degradation and breakage.

  • Remove the need for costly connectors designed to tolerate hostile operating conditions (e.g., high dust, salt, or vibration levels)
  • Simultaneously provide data connection and physical or electrical insulation in one solution
  • Allow free articulation in moving machinery such as robots with rotating joints and hinges