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Smart junction box

Section 690.12 of the US national electric code (NEC) has provisions that require rapid shutdown at module level for photovoltaic power plants. This Rapid Shutdown function can be implemented into a Smart Junction Box a more complex system compared to a traditional junction box which only has by-pass diodes, as it also measures voltage, current and temperature in each module. It also provides other functionalities including arc detection, security and performance monitoring, anti-theft protection, and remote diagnostics. Data sent on existing DC cabling via Powerline Communication (PLC) guarantees compliance to requirements including those set by the SunSpec Alliance.

Our products for efficient Smart Junction Box

With our range of high-performance STM32 Microcontrollers, flexible multi-protocol power line communication (PLMs),wireless connectivity solutions and Schottky by-pass diodes we can help developers design high-efficiency Smart Junction Boxes that meet safety and fire regulation requirements.