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Central indoor/outdoor HVAC unit

Heating, Ventilation and Air Conditioning (HVAC) systems must be highly energy-efficient and reliable to help save on energy and maintenance costs. But they also need to provide an accurate temperature control and silent operation for the building occupant's enhanced comfort. A central HVAC system comprises a large number of motor control sub-systems to drive fans and compressors and a variety of environmental sensors.

Our products and solutions

We provide a large selection of IGBTs, power MOSFETS and intelligent power modules (IPM) as well as integrated motor drivers and STM32 microcontrollers, to build highly-efficient motor control solutions as well as a wide selection of MEMS environmental sensors and wireless connectivity solutions to enable building more connected and efficient central HVAC solutions. 

In addition we provide a comprehensive set of hardware and software evaluation and development tools, reference designs to help reduce your time to market.