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Heat cost allocators (HCA)

Heat metering systems, also called heat cost allocators, are typically used in multi-resident buildings to optimally allocate heat cost based on usage. They estimate heat consumption by measuring the temperature difference between the room and the radiator with data wirelessly transferred to a central unit. Heat cost allocators are battery powered devices and thus low power design is essential to extend battery lifetime expectancy.

Our products and solutions

We have a large offering of ultra-low power 8 bits STM8L and STM32L 32 bits microcontrollers and ultra-low power sub-GHz connectivity solutions supporting WM-BUS and proprietary mesh protocols, as well as dual NFC/RFID interface tags for device pairing and temperature monitoring. 

In addition we provide a comprehensive set of HW and SW evaluation and development tools to help design ultra-low power, cost effective heat meters.