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Smart control panel

The control panel serves as the core of home automation systems aimed at enhancing comfort, security, and energy efficiency in living spaces.
It offers a user interface for smart home management, enabling control and monitoring of lighting, climate, entertainment systems, security devices, and more.
The panel may be a wall-mounted touchscreen display, a handheld remote controller, a mobile application, or a web interface.
The panel can be a physical wall-mounted touchscreen display, a handheld remote controller, a mobile app, or even a web interface. It is designed to ensure compatibility among a range of devices from various manufacturers, using common home automation protocols for wireline connectivity, such as power line communication, KNX, and Ethernet, and for wireless connectivity, including Bluetooth, Zigbee, Matter, or Wi-Fi.

Key challenges

Smart control panel designers often need to manage the following concerns:

  • Energy efficiency to reduce power consumption, especially regarding battery-powered and standby operation.
  • Scalable connectivity to support multiple applications nodes and new home network deployment scenarios and meet the growing demand for home automation services.
  • Reliable security functions to prevent unauthorized access and protect against cyberattacks.

Our products and solutions

ST answers these challenges by providing a wide range of innovative products, including an extensive range of microcontrollers and microprocessors equipped with various hardware peripherals and software development tools.

ST secure solutions include a product family and a complete ecosystem to support authentication, secure connection establishment, secure boot and firmware upgrade, and trusted network access.

ST provides power management ICs and a complete portfolio of power devices, including thyristors, power rectifiers, GaN, and MOSFET transistors, to render smart control panel designs more energy-efficient.

In addition, our broad range of wireline and wireless connectivity products facilitate the design of multistandard communication solutions to maximize compatibility.