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Home projector

A home projector is a projection device aimed for personal use in one's home as part of the home entertainment ecosystem. Its main role is to project on a flat surface a 2D flux received from an external device or memory. Today has also seen an increase in ultra-short throw projectors. Able to deliver a large image from a very short distance, these video projectors look quite different from traditional long-throw projectors and can fill a screen or wall of the same size from a much shorter distance.

Key Challenges

Every year projectors are becoming more and more sophisticated to rival TV sharpness, high luminosity, low latency, and high color accuracy even in relatively bright environments. If today's manufacturers wish to increase sales and gain market share, they have to provide the best user experience with fast and seamless wired and wireless connectivity. Efficient power management to improve compactness and noise reduction as well as high-performance sensors are also important for ensuring the ultimate home cinema experience. ST helps companies meet these key challenges with a wide range of innovative products:

  • High-density power drivers enable high power density with a smaller footprint for customers to save valuable board space and reduce the overall bill of materials;
  • Energy-efficient devices for a quieter cooling system essential for viewer enjoyment;
  • High-quality image processors for displaying video in various ambient light environments with an optimal screen size as well as best-in-class audio processors to ensure an immersive cinema experience

Our products and Solutions

As a creator of unique technologies and products that provide our customers the best solutions to address their challenges and opportunities, ST provides designers with products and solutions that enable the design of the most innovative and energy-efficient home projectors.

Our highly optimized and low-power time-of-flight sensors and motion sensors enable perspective distortion (keystone) correction. Moreover, our leading-edge environmental sensors such as inertial modules, temperature sensors and ambient light sensors enable flawless interaction with the device’s environment.

ST’s NFC and Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE) portfolio enable secure and reliable wireless connections to any device including remote controllers, smartphones and many more.

In addition, our expertise in power management enables efficient energy provisioning in a slim form factor. Equally important, ST offers a large panel of ESD protections that cover a wide range of use cases. From USB and HDMI protection to SD cards, you have access to dedicated protection devices to ensure safe and sustainable designs.