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STB and over the top (OTT) media players

Over-The-Top (OTT) media players deliver audiovisual content via the internet - as opposed to content delivered via a traditional cable or satellite TV service. The content can be streamed in real-time via a wired or wireless connection to a display device such as a television, or it can be stored for later viewing. ST provides a number of products suitable for OTT media player designs.

Sensing and USB Type-C solutions

Key products include audio amplifiers, motion and proximity sensors for gesture control, Bluetooth connectivity solutions, as well as a range of flexible USB Type-C and Power Delivery solutions. We  also offer high- and low-voltage MOSFETs, FERD/Schottky and ultrafast diodes, STRVS protection devices and dedicated smart analog controllers for PFC, HB-LLC resonant circuits to cover all the player power requirements.