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The Infotainment Module aggregates all the infotainment functions of the vehicle, including tuner reception, media connectivity, audio playback, navigation and human-machine interface.

With the increasing use of smartphones, the demand for user-friendly, hands-free interfaces for text messaging and audio or video phone calls is pushing carmakers to address safety concerns and encouraging them to develop car communication and connectivity solutions that make using these advanced services safe.

ST offers a wide range of products to help develop all of the building blocks in an Infotainment module including highly integrated and scalable processors for car radio and audio systems and displays, all standards of analog/digital terrestrial and digital satellite tuner receivers, multi-constellation GNSS positioning devices, sensors and any flavor, Class AB, SB and D,  of audio power amplifiers.

Infotainment Head Unit
Infotainment Head Unit
Advanced infotainment processors with display drivers and a wide range of connectivity options can be combined with analog/digital terrestrial tuners...
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