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Industrial equipment

With the rapid advance of Smart Industry, the industrial world is doing things more efficiently, more flexibly, and in a safer and more eco-friendly manner.  Today's smart tools - including additive manufacturing (3D printing), CNC machines and power tools - are more aware of their environment and new technologies including augmented reality and touchless interfaces make machines in factories and shop floors easier and safer for use.

3D printers

Thanks to their affordable pricing and ease-of-use enabled by a wide choice of CAD software, 3D printers are being increasingly used for both commercial and DIY projects to enable fast prototyping and small series production. 3D printers can be used
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Computer numerical control (CNC)

Computer Numerical Control (CNC) machining is a manufacturing process which determines the movements of equipment tools and ensures machine longevity and lowest possible down-time. It is essential in manufacturing facilities running 24 hours a day, 7
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Unmanned Aerial Vehicles (UAV), or drones, come in a variety of sizes according to the tasks they’re designed for ranging from mini-drones that fit in the palm of your hand to professional and commercial versions capable of carrying substantial paylo
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Fans are widely used in many industrial environments for ventilation, cooling and fume extraction purposes. Depending on the specific use, the mechanical configuration – axial, centrifugal and tangential flow – as well as the size and shape of the bl
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An electric forklift is a battery-operated truck with forks that can lift and move heavy loads. It is typically used in warehouses, logistics depots, or for loading and unloading materials and goods from transport vehicles.  The powertrain and the hy
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Industrial printers

Industrial printers are widely used in factories and logistic warehouses to produce large quantities of documents, barcodes and labels which need to be printed out on different types of surfaces other than paper. Motion control sub-systems operate in
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Pumps and compressors

Industrial pumps are widely used in many industrial environments and depending on the specific use the mechanical configuration, their size and shape must carefully be selected. Likewise, choosing the right type of motor – a universal, brushed or bru
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Textile machines including sewing, winding or knitting machines are complex electro-mechanical equipment in which a large number of movements – including moving shafts, traverse drums, thread retaining and cutting, 3-axis thrusting, moving arms and t
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Valves control

A valve regulates the flow of a media –  gases, liquids, granulates or fluidized solids – by opening, closing, or partially obstructing the passageway. Two types of valves are commonly used: shut-off valves allowing only either an open and closed sta
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Arc welding is an assembling process that joins metal parts by causing their fusion through high-current flowing through the electrode and the base material. The current, either DC or AC, is generated by a specifically designed high-frequency inverte
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Our products and solutions

A global leader in the industrial sector with proven experience acquired in the majority of application segments, ST's solutions offer a very high level of quality, support and longevity for this new generation of intelligent tools. 

To help customers design more efficient, less energy demanding and reliable industrial tools, ST offers dedicated devices and reference designs surrounded by a complete ecosystem of tested and ready-to-use design tools (evaluation boards, development environments, schematics, design files, software examples, etc.) to ensure a fast time to market for any modern industrial tool.