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Audio and video

Audio and video devices include televisions, players, headsets, digital cameras, remote controls and speakers. These diverse devices all have different axes of technology innovation but also a number of things in common. They need to deliver the best performance for video and audio content that they capture or playback. They need to have optimized power consumption whether they are powered from the mains or running on batteries. They need to have user interface designed to optimize the user experience on the device. And they need to be smart and connected. ST provides range of products suitable for different audio video device designs. Key products include audio amplifiers, Bluetooth & NFC connectivity solutions, motion and proximity sensors for gesture control, LCD and OLED display control & power management, microcontrollers, and a range of flexible USB Type-C and Power Delivery solutions. For mains-powered devices we offer high- and low-voltage MOSFETs, FERD/Schottky and ultrafast diodes in low-profile SMD packages, STRVS protection devices and dedicated smart analog controllers for PFC, HB-LLC resonant circuits. For portable devices we offer wireless battery charging system solutions that simplify design with a tiny footprint and efficient power transfer combined with safety and reliability.

Remote controller

TV Remote Controls have evolved from simple push-button devices with Infrared beam technology to complex control devices with advanced user interfaces.  The most advanced remote controls offer motion activation and tracking, touch pads, proximity sen
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Speaker, smart speaker, and audio hub

The traditional speaker market has evolved in recent years to go far beyond audio amplification. Speakers have gone wireless, allowing much more freedom in their installation and placement in the home, and more recently speakers have become smart. Sm
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