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AC-DC PSU for Server and Telecom

AC-DC Power Supply Units (PSU) are used in servers and telecom infrastructures to increase system efficiency, improve power factor and meet the requirements of the 80 PLUS® voluntary certification program, to reach gold, platinum or titanium levels. Device reliability is a key feature in AC-DC power supplies to ensure continuous operation or use in redundant systems. In order to address these challenging performance targets, architectures implementing advanced control algorithms are built using high-performance digital controllers.

Our products and solutions

To support the design of efficient PSUs with a high-power density, ST offers a range of power MOSFETs and rectifiers – including devices based on Silicon Carbide (SiC) technology – as well as advanced analog and digital controllers. Useful tools for designing PSUs also include high-performance STM32 microcontrollers with their advanced peripherals such as high-resolution PWM timers, low-latency and high-resolution ADCs, fast comparators, high-bandwidth and low-offset PGA, as well as our reference designs, our hardware and software evaluation and development tools.