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Auxiliary SMPS

  Many appliances and equipment require the availability of an auxiliary power source (SMPS) that works separately from the main power supply to support, for instance, stand-by operation. Power ratings can vary from a few to a few tens of watts for these auxiliary supplies, which can be either isolated or non-isolated. To ensure good performance, engineers must choose a power topology – including fly-back or quasi-resonant – that best meets the efficiency, size, safety and cost requirements.

Isolated auxiliary power supply up to 20W

In the power range up to 20W, high-power-density and cost-effective isolated auxiliary power supplies can be designed using single-transistor fly-back, forward or quasi-resonant topologies working at relatively high switching frequencies to minimize
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Our products and solutions

ST offers a wide portfolio of highly-integrated offline converters for applications up to 20 W with an extremely low total stand-by consumption – down to less than 4 mW – and breakdown voltages as high as 900 V. In addition to PWM switching controllers, power MOSFETs and diodes, we offer an extensive set of evaluation and development tools as well as reference designs to help engineers develop high-efficiency and compact auxiliary power supply solutions.