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In addition to their outstanding image quality, new generation TVs gain attention for their slim silhouette and high energy efficiency; for which the TV's power supply is a key factor. The power supply unit (PSU) requires a low profile to maintain the TV’s slim appearance and advanced silicon devices to ensure high efficiency.  To achieve these stringent requirements, PSUs typically have a Power Factor Corrector (PFC) stage and use advanced topologies, like half-bridge LLC (HB-LLC) resonant.


Beyond their outstanding image quality, new-generation televisions have a very thin design, are highly power-efficient and feature a stand-by power mode. Power Supply Units (PSUs) play a key role in ensuring TVs meet market requirements and have an e
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ST offers a broad portfolio of high-voltage MDmesh™ and low-voltage STripFET™ power MOSFETs, field-effect rectifier diodes (FERD), Schottky and Ultrafast diodes, a full range of protection ICs as well as dedicated analog and digital switching controllers and STM32 microcontrollers to enable developers to exploit the full potential of digital PSU implementations.