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Wireless charging

Overview: In wireless battery charging and wireless power transfer systems, power is transferred by electromagnetic induction between a transmitting pad or dongle (Tx) and the receiver device (Rx), such as a smartphone, smartwatch, robot cleaner, and other industrial tools. Some of the international standards surrounding wireless power include the Qi and Ki wireless charging standards from Wireless Power Consortium (WPC), and NFC charging. Single- or multiple-coil wireless charging solutions offer greater spatial freedom, true water and dust proofing, opportunities for contactless designs, and other benefits.

Key challenges

  • Achieving high power levels and efficiency comparable to wired power transfer.
  • Consistency in different device orientations and in the presence of foreign objects
  • Human safety and protection from damage to nearby objects
  • High interoperability between various Tx and Rx products
  • Compact and cost-effective designs with fast time-to-market.

Our products and solutions

As one of the world's leading suppliers of power management solutions, ST wireless battery charger ICs cover all major standards and technologies across a complete portfolio of transmitter and receiver chipsets. We provide the best-in-class Tx and Rx turnkey solutions for multiple applications, based on proven, highly integrated wireless power SoCs, as well as a comprehensive portfolio of associated devices, including power MOSFETs, secure microcontrollers, protection devices, and more.

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