Audio MEMS Sensors

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An audio MEMS sensor is an electro-acoustic transducer housing a sensor (MEMS) and an application-specific integrated circuit (ASIC) in a single package.

Audio capture is now an important element of ambient awareness. Contextual awareness and voice processing abilities contribute to a more unique and personalized user experience.

ST's audio MEMS sensor applications

ST audio MEMS sensors are designed to support new market opportunities in speech recognition and acoustic noise cancellation. The following markets and applications actively use these technologies:
  • wearable/hearable
  • laptops and notebook computers
  • smart speakers
  • smart IoT
  • gaming and AR/VR input devices
  • predictive maintenance
  • hands free calls and e-Calls

Discover the MEMS microphones portfolio

The ST portfolio for audio MEMS sensors includes analog and digital pulse-density modulation (PDM) interfaces and top and bottom port solutions. ST's MEMS microphones are available in metal and plastic packages.

ST MEMS Microphones portfolio IMP23ABSUmp23abs1mp34dt05-a mp34dt06j imp34dt05mp23db01hpmp23db02mm

Key benefits of ST audio MEMS sensors:

  • omnidirectional
  • high performance
  • several performance modes
  • low power consumption
  • sensitivity matching
  • high shock and temperature resistance
  • small form factor

Improve audio experience in every environment with the MP23DB01HP

Our best-in-class acoustic overload point (AOP) and signal-to-noise ratio (SNR) makes ST audio MEMS sensors suitable for applications that require a very high dynamic range.

Very tight sensitivity matching allows optimization of beamforming and noise canceling algorithms for multimicrophone arrays.

Low power consumption products extend battery life.

Offered in metal package

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