Sound Terminal Digital Audio Subsystems

A breakthrough in digital audio systems, Sound Terminal™ digital audio ICs enable space-constrained audio applications, such as flat-screen TVs and MP3 docking stations, to deliver high-quality, room-filling sound. Using techniques such as Full Flexible Amplification (FFX), and integrating advanced DSP processing features such as multi-band DRC, this family enables a fully digital stream from sound source to loudspeaker.
In application, this produces improved audio performance, reduced cost, and smaller size, making it possible for leading home-entertainment equipment manufacturers to deliver best-in-class audio experiences for consumers.
Key benefits are:

  • Analog and digital interfaces, eliminating the need for an external mux or analog-to-digital converter
  • Dynamic range compressor for sound enhancement and speaker protection
  • Space-saving packages such as QFN and BGA
  • Fully-integrated graphical development environment (Audio Processor Workbench) for easy device configuration 
Sound Terminal Digital Audio Subsystems