4-channel digital audio system with FFX driver

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The STA321 is a single chip solution for digital audio processing applications of up to 4.0 channels. The STA321 is part of the Sound Terminal™ family that together with the digital power stage provides full digital audio streaming to the speaker, offering cost effectiveness, low energy dissipation and sound enrichment.
The STA321 input section consists of two multiplexed stereo analog inputs, a 16-bit ADC and two independent digital input interfaces. The serial audio data input interface accepts all possible formats, including the popular I2S format. There is also a digital output interface fed by the ADC or by the digitally processed signals.
  • All features

    • Embedded CMOS bridge: up to 0.5 W/channel
    • Output configurations:
    • Play and record simultaneous operation
    • pfStart™ for pop-free single-ended operations
    • Individual channel and master gain/attenuation
    • Pre and post mix stages
    • Soft volume update and muting
    • Digital gain/attenuation -105 dB to +36 dB in 0.5-dB steps
    • DC-blocking selectable high-pass filter
    • Up to 13 28-bit user programmable biquads (EQ) per channel
    • Selectable de-emphasis filter
    • Ternary, binary or phase shift modulation
    • Bass/treble tone control
    • Headphone output with jack detector
    • PWM output
    • I2C control.
    • Four channels of 24-bit audio processing
    • 4-channel input sample rate converter (8 kHz to 192 kHz)
    • High efficiency FFX™ class-D modulator
    • Two stereo channels with I2S input/output data interface
    • 100-dB dynamic range
    • Analog and digital muxing/mixing capability
    • Flexible channel mapping and routing
    • 16-bit stereo ADC input with PGA and microphone biasing

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STMicroelectronics - STA321

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