Automotive Bridge Rectifier Diodes

ST’s bridge rectifier diodes – AEC-Q101-qualified – are intended for primary bridges used in automotive battery chargers. These dedicated products are guaranteed in operation at junction temperatures from -40 °C up to +175 °C. In combination with the TNxx50H-12WY SCR, they provide a complete bridge solution.

ST's new high-voltage capable D2PAK package (TO-262) - STBR3012-Y (30 A) and STBR6012-Y (60 A) - helps designers solve PCB routing issues and pass the IEC 60664-1 standard for creepage distance requirements in heavy-duty applications that demand long-term reliability, especially for on board chargers in automotive applications. In addition to their ultra-low conduction and reverse losses, these high-quality diodes ensure a better design margin with a guaranteed VRRM up to -40 °C.

A special screening matrix is implemented on these automotive-grade products – identified with a Y extension on part number – at both die and finished product levels, in order to comply with the most stringent international automotive quality requirements.