Automotive Current Sensing

Current sensing is important in many automotive applications like motor control, battery management, power management, and many others. ST provides solutions for these applications based on operational amplifiers (op amps) and integrated current monitors for shunt current sensing. ST's portfolio of automotive grade current sensing ICs meets the requirements of extreme reliability and quality demanded by the market.


Product types

Our automotive-grade Current Sensing products are AEC-Q100 qualified and tested with certified high-reliability flow, to meet the requirements of extreme reliability and quality demands of the automotive market.

Discover our portfolio:

Automotive Current Sensing product portfolio


  • AEC-Q100 and Q101 compliance
  • TS-16949 certification
  • PPAP availability
  • AEC-Q001 and Q002 guidelines for Statistical Yield Analysis (SYA) and Part Average Testing (PAT) at EWS
  • Specific screening and test methods above and beyond AEC-Q100 compliance, such as performance of a 100% hot test (125°C) during the back-end (packaging and testing) stage.