Automotive Ultrafast Diodes

ST’s automotive-grade ultrafast diodes - AEC-Q101-qualified - are intended for DC-DC converters used in numerous automotive functions as well as rectification in the secondary side of on-board charger (OBC) solutions. These are guaranteed in operations at junction temperatures as low as -40 °C and as high as +175 °C. 

A special screening matrix is implemented on these automotive-grade products – identified with a Y extension on part number – at both die and finished product levels, in order to comply with the most stringent international automotive quality requirements.

AEC-Q101-qualified soft reverse and low forward voltage 600V ultrafast diodes to boost OBC efficiency

Discover ST’s new ‘RQ’ series of automotive-grade 600V ultrafast diodes tailored to boost conversion efficiency in DC/DC converters and on-board chargers (OBCs).
The new STTH15RQ06-Y, STTH30RQ06-Y and STTH60RQ06-Y – 15A to 60A forward current rated – feature a unique trade-off between a soft reverse recovery to reduce electromagnetic interference (EMI) and a low forward voltage (V F) to improve efficiency in DC/DC converters. Samples are available in the D²PAK surface-mount and TO-220AC and DO-247 through-hole package versions.