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High power LED driver for automotive applications

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Product overview


The L99LD20 is a flexible LED driver, which is specifically designed for the control of two independent high brightness LED strings for automotive front lighting applications. It consists of a high efficiency monolithic dual buck converter.

The buck converters integrate n-channel MOSFET which is driven by a bootstrap circuit.

When more than two LED channels are required on one module, then more devices L99LD20 can be combined; also with L99LD21 device - incorporating Boost Controller - from which L99LD20 derivate.

  • All features

    • AEC-Q100 qualified
    • General
      • ST SPI communication v4.1
      • 5.5 to 24 V Operating battery voltage range
      • Load dump protected
      • QFN40L 6x6 (wettable flanks) with exposed pad
      • Timeout watchdog and limp home function
      • Low standby current
    • Buck section
      • Integrated switching mosfets
      • Lossless current sensing without need of external components
      • Very accurate LED current setting programming inductor's peak current and peak-to-peak current ripple
      • Adjustable peak current by SPI
      • Adjustable current ripple by SPI
      • Integrated PWM generation unit with 10-bit resolution and phase shift
      • Peak current control
      • Constant VLED x TOFF architecture
    • Protection and diagnostic
      • Battery under voltage
      • Temperature warning (2 thresholds)
      • Overtemperature shutdown
      • LED voltage digital feedback through SPI
      • Buck outputs short circuit and open load protection

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STMicroelectronics - L99LD20

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