Multi-Output Driver ICs

Housing multiple half-bridges and high-side switches on a single IC, our multi-output driver ICs are designed to drive small automotive loads and medium current DC motors as well as providing protected supply lines.

Typically controlled via an SPI serial wire interface and featuring protection and diagnostic functions, MOD devices are mostly used in body applications to control small loads but also are found throughout other automotive segments often in combination with ST products.

Our multi-output driver ICs are commonly housed in a PowerSSO-36 package.

Key Features

  • AEC-Q100 qualified
  • Integrated Serial Peripheral Interface (SPI) to control operating modes and for diagnostics

Protection and Diagnostic

  • Protected against over-current and over-temperature conditions
  • Auto-recovery for driving high in-rush loads
  • Over-current, open-load and over-temperature as typical diagnostics

Scalable concept

  • All devices are hardware compatible and software adaptable
  • The drivers support motors, resistive loads and bulb/LED lighting systems