Automotive Audio Power Amplifiers

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ST is the recognized leader in automotive power amplifiers. Our car audio amplifiers provide the traditional clean and powerful sound that users have come to expect, as well as all the protection and safety features needed to make our devices robust in an automotive environment.

ST has an extensive portfolio of automotive power amplifiers, including class B, AB, SB (high-efficiency), SB-I, and class D devices, with or without an I²C interface and diagnostic features. We offer a range of packages and pin-to-pin compatible ICs, covering different power requirements and supporting one to four channels. Our latest power amplifiers are compatible with start-stop engines.


Class AB Audio Power Amplifiers
Automotive audio power amplifiers

From standard class-AB to very high efficient class-SBI power amplifiers. Standard or intelligent, featuring a reliable diagnostics array able to identify any failure or speaker miss-connection, with analog or digital input
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Class-D Audio Power Amplifiers
Automotive audio power amplifiers

Full-digital amplifier ICs for powerful high-quality audio experiences. Provide outstanding efficiency and special features for diagnostics and sound enhancement
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