Radio Receivers

ST is a leading provider of broadcast audio solutions for automotive infotainment systems, offering a complete portfolio of AM/FM, terrestrial and satellite digital broadcast and multi-standard receiver ICs designed to deliver world-class performance and features.
By designing with ST, you’ll benefit from the most innovative technologies, a full commitment to automotive “culture”, and a solid system know-how to build scalable solutions, from entry-level car radios to multi-antenna designs.

Satellite radio receivers

ST delivered the world’s first mobile satellite radio chipset in 2001 for XM Satellite Radio and a few years later for Sirius Satellite Radio.  After the merger of the two companies in 2007, ST continued to be the main radio IC supplier of SiriusXM, which counts now over 30 million service subscribers. ST is very proud to have contributed to the most successful story in the Digital Radio market developing seven generations of radio ICs based on state-of-art CMOS technology to deliver features of increasing complexity with continuous improvement in power performance. 

All satellite receiver ICs are custom devices co-designed by SiriusXM and ST; ST can provide product information and deliver the devices only to SiriusXM authorized partners. For any questions about satellite radio solutions, please contact ST sales offices

Terrestrial radio receivers

ST’s terrestrial radio tuners cover all standards, from analog (AM/FM radio) to digital (HD Radio™, DAB™ and DRM™). Our multi-band audio receivers reduce system components count and cost, while ensuring best-in-class radio signal reception. 

Select a radio receiver or get in touch with our sales office for custom design requests.