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  • STA1195 is a fully automotive, multi-processor System-On-Chip, targeting processor-centric Telematics Applications offering superior processing power for high-bandwidth data traffic management.

    It features:
    - A powerful Dual CortexA7 processor;
    - A dedicated ARM - Cortex M3 controller for real-time CAN / Vehicle Interface Processing;
    - An HW Crypto engine for efficient security performances;
    - A complete set of standard connectivity interfaces including 1Gbit Ethernet;
    - An optional Audio Subsystems tailored to Audio Connectivity applications (i.e. Sound Boxes).

    Key Features

    • Core and infrastructure
      • ARM® Dual Core CortexA7 up to 600 MHz, with NEON instructions
      • Memory organization:
        • L1 Cache: 32 KB instruction, 32 KB data
        • 256 KB L2 Cache
        • Total 768 KB embedded SRAM
        • 16/32-bit DDR3 Controller at 667 MHz
        • Serial SQI NOR interface
        • 16bit Parallel NAND Controller
      • 32-bit watchdog timer
      • 16-channels DMA
      • 8x 32-bit free running times/counters
      • 5x 16-bit extended function timer (EFT) with input capture/output compare and PWM
      • Real time clock (RTC) with fraction readout
    • Media interfaces
      • 3x Secure-digital multimedia memory card Interface
      • 2x USB 2.0 Dual Role with integrated PHY; charger function supported
      • 1x RMII/RGMII Ethernet AVB MAC
    • Embedded secure vehicle interface microcontroller
      • Dedicated Cortex M3 core
      • 256 KB Isolated embedded memory (part of the total 768 KB core eSRAM)
      • Secured NOR interface
      • 3x CAN port, 2x supporting FD CAN
      • Hardware Crypto Engine
      • Programmable OTP for key storage, lifecycle management, anti-rollback
    • I/O Interfaces
      • 16-channels 12-bits ADC
      • 3x I2C multi-master/slave interfaces
      • 4x UART Controller
      • 3x Synchronous Serial Port (SSP/SPI)
      • 5x 32-bit GPIO ports
      • JTAG based in-circuit emulator (ICE) with Embedded Trace Module
    • Optional Audio Subsystem
      • Sound processing DSP (450 MIPS)
      • 3 Stereo channels Hardware Sample Rate converter
      • 3x Audio DAC with 100 dB SNR
      • 6x Rx/Tx Audio interfaces (I2S/ multi-channel ports, with SPI mode)
      • 2x Differential Mono ADC for Voice/Tel-IN with internal switching logic; 105 dB SNR
      • 1x Stereo AUX ADC
    • Operating Conditions
      • VDD: 1.14 V - 1.26 V
      • VDDIO: 3.3 V ±10%
      • DDR3 VDDQ: 1.35 V ±5%
      • DDR3 VREF: VDDQ/2
      • VDDIOON: 3.3 V ±10%
      • Ambient temperature range: -40 to 85 °C

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