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Toolchain for sensors with ISPU core

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Product overview


The ISPU-Toolchain is a collection of tools and libraries used to create applications for sensors with an ISPU core.

This collection includes a compiler, assembler, linker, standard C and math libraries, and a tool for generating the configuration of the sensor.

Most of these tools are based on elements from GNU (, and some are developed by STMicroelectronics.

Only the users who wish to run the ISPU toolchain as a standalone tool from the command line need to download and install this package.

The software is available for three operating systems: ISPU-ToolchainW for Windows®, ISPU-ToolchainL for Linux®, and ISPU-ToolchainM for macOS®.

  • All features

    • C/C++ cross compiler
    • Assembler and linker
    • C-libraries for developing C/C++ programs
    • Tool for generating sensor configuration

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