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Full-featured emulator offers flexible, modular debugging and programming solution

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Product overview


The STice is the advanced in-circuit emulation system from STMicroelectronics. It offers a complete range of proven debugging features such as advanced breakpoints and trace recording. In addition, it provides new profiling and coverage capabilities to help detect and eliminate dead code and bottlenecks in application execution.

In addition to emulation, the STice provides in-circuit debugging and programming capability for ST microcontrollers via the ST single wire interface module (SWIM). SWIM allows non-intrusive debugging of an application while it runs on the target microcontroller.

The STice is supported by the free STM8 toolset, which includes the ST Visual Develop (STVD) integrated development environment for building, debugging and fine-tuning applications, the ST Visual Programmer (STVP) microcontroller programming interface and the STM8 Assembler.

The STice offers improved cost-effectiveness by allowing users to order exactly what they need to meet their development requirements and to adapt their emulation system to support existing and future ST microcontrollers.

All these connection accessories and the STice emulation boards can be ordered independently as replacement parts.

  • All features

    • Emulation system
      • Real-time emulation of STM8 MCUs (CPU frequency from 250 Hz up to 50 MHz)
      • Application profiling for execution time or number of executions at instruction/source code/function level
      • Coverage analysis on code (at instruction/source code/function level) or data (memory locations or variables) for the entire memory space
      • Unlimited instruction breakpoints for the entire MCU memory space
      • Data breakpoints
      • Advanced breakpoints with up to 4 levels of user-configured conditions
      • Control of application memory accesses configurable at byte level
      • Trace of 128 K records with time stamp
      • Non-intrusive read/write on-the-fly to data memory during emulation
      • Power supply follower managing STM8 application voltages in range 1.65 to 5.5 V (0.8 V possible for MEB with specific TEB)
      • 8-bit probe analyzer
      • Input trigger and 2 output triggers
      • In-circuit debugging/programming via SWIM
      • USB 2.0 (high-speed) interface to host PC
    • Connection accessories
      • CF/Stice_Connect: 60- or 120-pin flexible cable to connect to the application
      • AD/Stice_Connect: connection adapter to adapt the connection flex to the target device package
      • AS/Stice_Connect: adapter socket soldered onto the application and receiving the AD/Stice_connect