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Software API compatible with the bridge interface of STLINK-V3

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Product overview


The bridge API (STLINK-V3-BRIDGE) is a set of source files allowing the development of personal computer applications exercising the STLINK-V3 bridge interface of a target board. Refer to the board user manual to check whether it features the STLINK-V3 bridge interface.

The bridge API initializes the microcontroller of the STLINK-V3 subsystem and controls the communication through its I2C, SPI, and CAN interfaces. It also allows the configuration of up to four additional signals (GPIOs). Besides, the communication through STLINK-V3 UARTs is controlled by means of the Virtual COM port dedicated USB interfaces.

The development of the embedded application in the target board is facilitated by the use of the STM32Cube MCU Packages. The user must ensure that the parameters, used by the target application to configure the I2C, SPI, and CAN communication interfaces on the target side, match the STLINK-V3 configuration done through the bridge API.

On the host PC, the bridge API source files rely on the STLinkUSBDriver.dll on Windows®, on Linux®, and STLinkUSBDriver.dylib on macOS®. Those libraries are usually provided with the tools supporting ST-LINK. They are also provided in the STSW-LINK007 ST-LINK firmware upgrade package available at

  • All features

    • C++ source code implementing the bridge interface of STLINK-V3 on a personal computer
    • Routines for configuring the SPI, I2C, CAN, and GPIO connections of STLINK-V3
    • Routines for transferring data through the SPI, I2C, and CAN interfaces between STLINK-V3 and a running target
    • User-friendly ULTIMATE LIBERTY license agreement

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