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STLUX™ / STNRG devices library source package

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Product overview


This package includes a device library intended to be used by the STLUX™ / STNRG digital platform. The library provides a set of more than 100 application programming interfaces (API). It is intended to be used by software developers in order to have simple access to the controller and its peripherals.
For any details please refer to the UM2001 - “Standard peripheral library for STLUX™ and STNRG digital controllers”.
  • All features

    • Fully documented APIs
    • Peripheral drivers, open source
    • Option Byte IAR 8.x revision
    • Fix MSC_DACCTR_CP3_EN (in .h and .c files)
    • Read on the fly the ADC conversion channel Unlock Option Byte access
    • Fix "and" with "!=" precedence on stlux_btm.c code.

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