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ST Visual develop IDE for developing ST7 and STM8 applications

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Product overview


ST Visual Develop (STVD) provides an easy-to-use, efficient environment for start-to-finish control of application development: from building and debugging the application code to programming the microcontroller. STVD is delivered as part of the free ST MCU toolset, which also includes the ST Visual Programmer programming interface and the ST Assembler Linker.

To build applications, STVD provides seamless integration of C and assembly toolchains for STM8 microcontrollers including the Cosmic and Raisonance C compilers and the ST Assembler Linker. When debugging, STVD provides an integrated simulator (software) and supports a complete range of hardware tools including low-cost RLink and ST-LINK in-circuit debugger/programmers, the cost-effective ST7-DVP3 and the high-end ST7-EMU3 series of emulators for ST7 microcontrollers and the STice advanced emulator for STM8 microcontrollers.

To program applications to an ST microcontroller, STVD also provides an interface for reading, writing and verifying the microcontroller Flash memory without leaving STVD. This interface is based on ST Visual Programmer, and supports all the target devices and programming tools supported by ST Visual Programmer.

The ST MCU toolset with ST Visual Develop, ST Visual Programmer and Assembler Linker toolchain are available for free download from the website.

  • All features

    • Write and build applications efficiently and easily:
      • Text editor with color-syntax highlighting, brace matching and auto completion
      • Seamless integration of C compilers and ST assembler controls at project level
      • MCU selection to build an application for a specific microcontroller
      • C compiler support includes Cosmic C compiler (available at and Raisonance C compiler (available at
    • Debug with tools ranging from free simulator to high-end emulator:
      • Project manager
      • Simulator with plotter displaying evolution of inputs on simulated I/Os and values of registers and variables while the application is running
      • STice advanced emulator offering advanced breakpoints, large trace, code coverage and profiling for STM8 microcontrollers
      • High-end ST7-EMU3 series of emulators offering advanced breakpoints and large configurable trace
      • Cost-effective ST7-DVP3 series of emulators offering advanced breakpoints and configurable trace
      • ST7 Flash STICK in-circuit debugger/programmer
      • Low-cost RLink from Raisonance and ST-LINK in-circuit debugger/programmers
    • Program applications to the microcontroller:
      • Integrated programming interface to program microcontrollers directly without leaving STVD
      • Read, Write and Verify Flash memory and option bytes
      • Low-cost RLink from Raisonance and ST-LINK in-circuit debugger/programmers
      • ST7 Flash STICK in-circuit debugger/programmer
      • ST7-EPB programmers

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