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WiFi firmware update for MXCHIP EMW3080B on STM32 boards

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Product overview


Several STM32Cube MCU Packages and STM32Cube Expansion Packages make use of the MXCHIP EMW3080B module for their Wi-Fi® connectivity.

The X-WIFI-EMW3080B provides a set of Wi-Fi® firmware in binary format for the MXCHIP EMW3080B module.

It contains different firmware supporting various configurations: with UART or SPI interface, with or without MXCHIP EMW3080B bootloader. For a given version, up to four firmware variants are provided.

The release notes of each related STM32Cube MCU Package specify the compatible firmware version to be installed by the user.

The X-WIFI-EMW3080B documents also the MXCHIP EMW3080B firmware update procedure.

Additionally, for the B-U585I-IOT02A board, a programmer application in binary format is provided as well to make the firmware update procedure easier.

  • All features

    • Wi-Fi® firmware for the STM32 boards with the MXCHIP EMW3080B module
      • With or without bootloader
      • With SPI or UART interface
    • MXCHIP EMW3080B firmware programmer for the B-U585I-IOT02A board

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