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Multi-standard advanced demodulator for satellite digital TV broadcast set-top boxes

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Product overview


The STV0913 is a cost-effective, high-performance demodulator/decoder for DVB satellite reception. The device supports DVB-S2 in QPSK and 8PSK as well as DVB-S and DirecTVTM legacy transmission standards.

  • All features

    • Multi-standard demodulation
      • DVB-S2 QPSK and 8PSK
      • Legacy DVB-S and DirecTVTM QPSK
      • Multi-tap equalizer for RF reflection removal
      • Wide range carrier frequency tracking loop for offset recovery
    • Multi-standard decoding
      • DVB-S2 FEC and framing
      • Up to 135 Mbit/s channel bit rate
      • DVB-S or DirecTVTM legacy
    • Interfaces
      • Data to MPEG decoder
      • DVB common interface compliant
      • I2C serial bus interface, including private repeater for tuner
      • JTAG interface for boundary scan
      • DiSEqC 2.x 22-kHz interface
      • FSK interface
      • Flexible GPIOs and interrupts
      • Bit error rate monitoring and reporting
    • Technology
      • Multi supply: 1.1-V core, 2.5-V analog, 3.3-V digital interfaces
      • Fine grained power management
      • LFBGA-77 8 x 8 mm2package, RoHS

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STMicroelectronics - STV0913

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