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Edge computing software development kit (SDK)

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Product overview


EdgeST-SDK is an IoT edge computing abstraction library for Linux gateways.

It relies on cloud platform edge SDKs to enable local execution of functions on a Linux gateway and synchronization with the cloud.

More specifically, it enables the creation of virtual devices on the gateway to map non-IP connected devices (for example, via BLE), and the corresponding shadow devices on the cloud.

Local computation can be directly performed on the gateway with the same logic written for the cloud even when the Internet connection is lost: the shadow devices are synchronized with the virtual devices as soon as the Internet connection is available again.

EdgeST-SDK supports Amazon AWS Greengrass edge computing service and is released under BSD (3-clause) license terms.

  • All features

    • Written in Python™
    • Application samples available for a quick startup
    • BSD license terms
    • Used in combination with BlueST-SDK allows reading data from Bluetooth low energy sensor nodes and performing local computation on the gateway before sending data to the cloud

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