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Artificial Intelligence (AI) face recognition function pack for STM32Cube

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Product overview


FP-AI-FACEREC is an STM32Cube function pack featuring face recognition application examples running on STM32 products.

FP-AI-FACEREC is composed of software components generated by the X-CUBE-AI STM32Cube Expansion Package for Artificial Intelligence (AI) complemented with application software components dedicated to the face recognition application.

FP-AI-FACEREC enables the development of advanced features based on face recognition on STM32H7 MCU or STM32MP1 MPU-based products using STMicroelectronics optimized solution. FP-AI-FACEREC is a fully embedded AI solution, processing images locally on microcontroller or microprocessor, which does not require to send any personal data to the Cloud during the enrollement phase or recognition phase.

Using STMicroelectronics face recognition libraries, it is possible to customize the behaviour of an equipment according to its end-user, who is recognized in real time using a low-resolution camera device.

FP-AI-FACEREC is supported on multiple computer vision development kits such as STM32H747I-DISCO with the B-CAMS-OMV RGB camera module bundle, or STM32MP157F-DK2 Discovery board, so that users can minimize time to market and develop full-featured applications on the platform of their choice with little knowledge in face recognition.

The face recognition applications for both STM32H7 MCU and STM32MP1 MPU are available on demand in binary format from the www.st.com website. For any additional information, contact the local STMicroelectronics support or send a request to edge.ai@st.com.

  • All features

    • Software for face recognition application on the STM32H7 microcontroller and STM32MP1 microprocessor
    • Neural Networks solution optimized for STM32
    • Cost-optimized solution based on microcontroller and low-resolution camera
    • No loss of privacy by virtue of the local image processing
    • Standalone solution, which remains fully functional and reactive even without Cloud connectivity
    • Easy portability across STM32 microcontrollers by means of the STM32Cube ecosystem

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