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Firmware for the STDES-2KW5CH48V 2.5 kW - 48 V battery charger reference design for industrial light electric vehicles (LEVs)

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Product overview


The STSW-2KW5CH48V software package is designed for the STDES-2KW5CH48V 2.5 kW battery charger for industrial light electric vehicles (LEVs).

The STDES-2KW5CH48V consists of a power factor correction (PFC) circuit, controlled by the L4984D CCM PFC controller, and a DC-DC circuit based on a full bridge LLC resonant power converter, controlled by the L6599AD.

The firmware is based on libraries generated from STM32CubeMX. It runs on the STM32F072CBT6 high performance 32-bit ARM® Cortex®-M0 microcontroller. It manages the various power stages, adjusts parameters as per the battery charging profile, ensures comprehensive protections by continuously monitoring the input voltage and output signals, and communicates with the user interface.

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    • STSW-2KW5CH48V firmware implementation based on the STM32F072CBT6 32-bit MCU
    • Lead acid and lithium-ion battery charging profiles
    • Comprehensive protections

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