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Software package for STEVAL-2STPD01 USB Type-C Power Delivery dual port adapter kit

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The STSW-2STPD01 software package contains the application, source code, and libraries designed to demonstrate the capabilities of the STEVAL-2STPD01 USB Type-C™ Power Delivery dual port adapter kit.

The application firmware runs on the mainstream ARM® Cortex®-M0+ 32-bit STM32G071RB microcontroller embedded in the NUCLEO-G071RB development board, which is part of the STEVAL-2STPD01 kit.

It exploits the USB-PD middleware stack coming from the STM32CubeG0 firmware package, which makes the solution compliant with the USB Type-C 2.1 and Power Delivery 3.1 specifications.

The package includes the firmware drivers of the STPD01 DC-DC converter and the TCPP02-M18 protection, which manage two USB Type-C ports and which are driven by the microcontroller through a set of dedicated APIs.

The STSW-2STPD01 embeds two software IPs, the Power Sharing algorithm and the Power Monitor, which allow the STM32G071RB microcontroller to optimize the management of the power in the solution.

The Power Sharing IP empowers the microcontroller to manage the two STPD01 DC-DC converters, associated to each USB Type-C port, and dynamically handle the available output power according to the power negotiation requests made by the connected equipment and the internal power balance.

The IP also permits, thanks to the STM32CubeMonitor-UCPD GUI, to set the input power rating (as input voltage and current delivered by the power supply) as specification data, enabling the negotiable PDOs for that fixed rating for each port.

At the maximum input power rating, the application firmware enables the adapter kit to deliver four fixed PDOs for each port: 5 V at 3 A, 9 V at 3 A, 15 V at 3 A, 20 V at 3 A.

The STSW-2STPD01 software package is distributed for STM32CubeIDE, IAR EWARM and Keil µVision IDEs.

  • All features

    • Software package for the STEVAL-2STPD01 USB Type-C™ Power Delivery dual port adapter kit
    • USB-PD middleware stack based on STM32CubeG0 STM32Cube MCU Package for STM32G0 series running on the ARM® Cortex®-M0+ 32-bit STM32G071RB microcontroller
    • Software IPs included: Power Sharing and Power Monitor modules

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