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Software package for STDES-6KWHVDCDC

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Product overview


The STSW-6KWHVDCDC software package has been designed to support the STDES-6KWHVDCDC reference design, which is a 6 kW high voltage DC-DC converter.

The firmware has been developed to enable the user to test the reference design under various conditions.

You can configure the output configuration as full wave or center tapped. This enables a wide output range with high efficiency.

To perform the open loop test, change the switching frequency using the user interface switches. This allows the user to test various operating points of the converter without the battery.

To perform the closed loop test, all required peripherals have been initialized/configured. The reference design is ready to be integrated in the application layer by user. This enables the user to predefine set points for voltage and currents to operate in CV or CC mode.

Evaluate and optimize different power devices and application efficiency by altering the dead-time.

  • All features

    • STSW-6KWHVDCDC firmware implementation based on the STM32G474RET6 32-bit MCU
    • Source code freely available with developer-friendly license terms

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