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Firmware example for STDES-AKI003V1 sigma-delta current sensing solution

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Product overview


STSW-AKI003 is a customized version of X-CUBE-MCSDK that exploits the sigma-delta hardware filtering capabilities of the STM32H7B3LI microcontroller to perform three-phase motor current measurements.

  • All features

    • Firmware example for STM32H7B3LI microcontroller
    • Based on X-CUBE-MCSDK STM32 motor control software development kit
    • Field oriented control (FOC) for three-phase PMSM and ACIM for fast dynamic and response to load variations
    • Based on STM32Cube HAL_Library
    • Fully compatible with the STM32H7B3LI microcontroller DFSDM peripheral
    • Accurate current sensing for high-end industrial motor control applications based on ISOSD61
    • Tailored for high-end servo drives
    • Supports the STEVAL-CTM009V1 evaluation kit

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