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Firmware for STDES-BCBIDIR, bidirectional power converter for battery charging applications

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Product overview


The STSW-BCBIDIR provides a solution to control the double-stage STDES-BCBIDIR power converter exploiting a mixed-signal digital MCU optimized for digital power applications.

The STM32Cube development environment is fully integrated to extend and simplify the user approach.

The PFC firmware handles complete three-phase, two-level AC-DC, and DC-AC power conversion control based on the STM32G474RE. The firmware includes a sophisticated voltage-oriented control (VOC) algorithm to handle either the power factor in AC-DC conversion or the AC output power (active and reactive) in DC-AC conversion.

The DC-DC firmware allows to operate the converter with extended soft switching thanks to the adaptive modulation techniques and enhanced voltage and load control at a wide range.

Additional features to improve reliability and safety are provided, for example, input and output overvoltage and overcurrent protections, soft startup.

  • All features

    • Bidirectional control algorithm
    • AC-DC (PFC control) and DC-AC
      • Voltage oriented control (VOC) algorithm
      • Power factor control (PFC)
      • DC bus regulation (PFC)
      • Soft startup (PFC)
      • Active and reactive power control (DC-AC)
    • DC-DC control
      • Soft switching at wide load/voltage range
      • Embedded controls:Voltage controlCurrent controlSoft startup
    • Protections
      • Over current/voltage/power protections
      • Input/output operating voltage range protections
    • Development environment
      • D-power firmware package for application parameters customization
      • Full integration on STM32Cube software ecosystem
    • Based on the STM32G474RE MCU
      • Customizable full digital solution with high performance mixed-signal processing
      • High-resolution timer (HRTIM)
      • Integrated advanced analog peripherals

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